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American People Party

“We get shit done”

We are for America and its legal citizens. We want to put America back to the number one country in the world! We want to revamp the society of which we live in today and make it better for the American people, both physically and economically.

The American people

The American people


  • get out all illegal immigrants
  • correct the welfare system in this country
  • fight to take away stricter gun laws

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Illegal Aliens

We would like to remove all illegal aliens from our country, but only so we can become economically stable. Once we are back on our feet, and the majority of American citizens are employed, we have a plan to bring back those who were escorted out. Those wanting to come back as American citizens will have to fill out a very detailed application. Questions will range from basic to age, how many are in the current family, and will get very into depth into their past lives of while they were in Mexico and what they have done to support or be beneficial to others around them.

They will have to go through a serious background check, also if any crimes are found while the person was in their mother country they shall not be allowed access to the USA. Also there will be mandatory drug tests, as well as mandatory physicals to take place. If drugs are found in the applicant’s body their application will be terminated immediately not allowing access to that individual, or their family.  With the physical we are simply testing to make sure the applicant is not bringing over a foreign disease that is uncommon to the United States.

  California , if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to  Mexico, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupt hospitals and overrun prisons. It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested. Everyone could understand one another as English became the dominant language again.

Think of all the money we could pump back into our country, to help benefit our true American citizens

Immigrant households receive more than they pay!

Immigrant households receive more than they pay!

Welfare Reform

Our first plan is for a time limit of how long somebody can be on welfare for. We want to limit welfare to a maximum of six months, and also must take drug tests randomly throughout their period of being on welfare. If drugs are found in the applicants system at any time, they will be terminated from the system because welfare is not a right it is a privilege.

 With money saved from losing drug active participants we can put that toward hiring more workers to make the system stricter with money saved we will hire workers to work with the applicants and participants to make sure they are putting in applications to find work,, if we find no applications are being put in you will be terminated from the system. Our goal is not to push people that truly need it away we just want to prove that there will be no room for abuse.

The video below shows how one woman abuses welfare and thinks she is entitled, to what she is being given.



Our parties goal is not to take away welfare but it is to put stricter limitations on welfare and its recipients.  We want to be sure that the people that need help get help, and that they do not live off of the welfare system and abuse it, which is the reason why we would like to limit the time someone can be on welfare.

Gun Control

We want to take away gun laws and put guns back into American’s hands.  Sometimes police cannot respond fast enough, with more guns criminals will think twice about committing crimes.  All gun control does is take guns away from the good men and women of America, criminals will continue to get firearms through the black market, one way or another.

A statement from ( states that “Every place that has banned guns has seen murder rates go up.   Our party’s goal is to take away gun restriction.   Why is because Americans have a right to have guns, and to bear those guns when, and where they please.   Take this for an example, you go to church, or even school, people normally do not carry guns in these types of places.   Now imagine a criminal comes into the church, or school, when people don’t have guns it will end badly, people are going to get robbed, or a mass shooting may occur.  Now take that same scenario and put guns in the majority of hands of the good people, at the church, or school.   The shooter would enter but one gun wielding criminal, against of good gun wielding people will end with less people shot, or robbed.

Crime rates drop when more people have, and carry guns.

Crime rates drop when more people have, and carry guns.

Image result for gun control

Image result for gun control