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American Soil Party

             “If America is our home, shouldn’t everyone have a roof?”



It is ASP’s mission to tackle this ongoing problem and restore our homeland. This restoration starts in small places but ends in big results.



Our Goals:

  provide better veteran care

  create jobs for veterans

    reestablish and reform a trickle down economy system

New Opportunities For Veterans

Push Is On To Create Jobs For Veterans


These visions may be small however we need to start somewhere if we’re going to start at all.

 Every tree started as a seedling.



As citizens of the United States of America you are left with two choices; tread water where our country stands now or make a swim for change. ASP has decided to make the swim and now it is your choice to join us. With a strong and fast growing population it is no surprise that our country’s housing can be a problem, affecting our general population as well as our veterans. ASP has taken a firm stand against this and will do everything in its power to tackle this problem. 

Will you join us?