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In this kind of paragraph, either you are explaining why something is important, that is, what it’s causing

or you are explaining what led up to it, that is, what caused it

or you are explaining a chain of cause and effect.

By chain, I mean that an individual event can be both cause and effect. For example, A can cause B and B can cause C. Thus, B is an effect of A and a cause of C, depending on how you look at it.

organizing principle

time and logic

Just because event A happens before event B does not mean that event A causes event B. To establish a cause-and-effect relationship, you must show the empirical basis for your claim of cause and effect. By empirical, I mean something that a physicist, psychologist, or other social scientist could measure.


As a result of that, because of that, the most important effect of that, the primary cause of that


Why? How important is it? How did it get this way?

Why is the surfing on that beach in Ecuador so good?

Why is this year’s NFL draft so important for the Bills?

Trace the chain of cause and effect that got Tiger Woods to where he is today.

How could the Khmer Rouge dominate Cambodian life for so long while causing so much harm?

What is the most effective way to market American rock music to European teenagers? That is, what causes them to buy CDs and concert tickets? up to the top of the page