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Day-to-Day Syllabus

Schedule at a Glance

Tuesday and Thursday 11:10-12:35

 in-classassignments due
6intro to the course and the course web

student introductions
8further introductions

The Green Parties -- slogans, missions, visions, values

first-year survey
diagnostic writing in class
15your diagnostic essays

where are you on the spectrum?

essays, the basic unit of discourse
Moral foundations theory

questionnaires at
20rhetorical modes: definition, cause/effect, process, comparison/contrast

This I believe essay

politics, political spectrum

contextual ideas

22model position statements

the issues

country comparisons
27U.S. presidential debate

country comparisons
29evidence and citations

electoral systems

country comparisons
essay 1 party introduction (definition)
4quantitative analysis
6evidence and citations

introduction to the in-class parties
11Works Cited

party web (5th essay)

formal email
in Collaboratorium

Works Cited

party web (5th essay)

formal email
essay 2 - Platform position 1

MLA citations
18individual conferences
20individual conferences
25individual conferences
27individual conferencesessay 3 - Platform position 2
1review of essay content and structure
3your party's web pagein Collaboratorium
8your party's web pagein Collaboratorium
10feedback on party web pagesessay 4 - Platform position 3
15feedback on party web pages

2nd preference poll
17your party's web pagein Collaboratoriium
22individual conferences
29party presentations / town hall style debate

People First Party
Animal Rights Party
Equality Party
'Merica and Medicine Party
American Soil Party
Jade Party
The Stoic Independence Party
essay 5 - develop your party's web page
1party presentations / town hall style debate

Bald Eagle Alliance
The Democratic Republican Party
Say Less, Do More
Rainbow Party
American People Party
Don't Bully Party
The Community
6party presentations / town hall style debate

Softly Spoken Party
The Underdog Party
Blue Party
Jen's Party
Do the Right Thing Party
The Turn Around Party
8final pitches - 2 minutes each, no questions


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