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Donald Trump or Donald Dump?

Donald Trump has made shocking claims against the concept of global warming and climate change. If elected, he plans to cut Environmental Protection in order to grow businesses. If that happens, we can expect America to smell like smog. Since Trump probably smells like mayonnaise, America will probably smell like pollution and mayonnaise. Is that a smell we are prepared to live with for the next four, possibly more, years? The Stoic Independence Party plans to create more laws, more regulations, and put more plans into place to create a better, flourishing environment for future generations.

By replacing plastic with biodegradable substances, such as hemp products. NotImage result for list of hemp products only will we be replacing plastic products, like bottles, six pack rings, cups, silverware, and straws, but paper as well. That means no more cutting down trees just because you need to write something down. There will be less loss of wildlife habitat, which will decrease the list of endangered species. Creating a hemp market will not only be beneficial to the environment, but to the economy as well. Hemp farms and production will create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs all across the country. The oils that come from hemp products are also beneficial to a person’s health. Some products that come from hemp include clothing, food and beverages, building supplies, fuel, and chemical clean up[1]. Hemp will bring so many benefits to America and Americans.

The use of pesticides and insecticides are destroying the environment. SIP wants to get rid of any harmful ones. In 1957, the Department of Agriculture released DDT onto American soil[2]. DDT had a detrimental effect on Americans bird population, as it was not previously tested and caused bird egg shells to be soft. This resulted in a number of bird species going extinct, and many more becoming endangered[3]. DDT also increased a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer by 5 times. It’s a hell of a carcinogen. September 1st, 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency made a huge mistake in Dorchester County, North Carolina. They released an insecticide that was intended to kill mosquitos, in order to try to fight the Zika virus spread. It worked, plenty of mosquitos died. In turn, however, millions of bees were killed[4]. As a result, seven species of bees were put on the endangered species list. If the bees die, humans die, too.

Speaking of humans dying, we are putting so much pollution into the earth that eventually we will not be able to breathe. The air will be so smog filled, we’ll walk around wearing gas masks and buying fresh air from companies, just like in the movie and book, The Lorax. Donald trump has said time and time again that climate change and global warming aren’t real[5]. Most studies prove otherwise[6]. Just by burning one gallon of gas, you are putting 19 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air. In 2010, Trump cut down hundreds of trees so he could expand his golf course in Sterling, Virginia. The trees he cut down were incredibly important for water filtration in a river people get their water from. Cutting down trees also effects the increase of global warming[7] because then there’s less intake of carbon dioxide, and less release of oxygen. This is causing a hole in the ozone layer. If the ozone layer disappears, or has massive holes in it, humans will literally fry.