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Dutch Groen Links – Green Left

Groen Links (Wikipedia)

Sense in the Future

Sense in the Future

Groen = green

Links = left

GroenLinks = Green Left

“Bij GroenLinks gaat het om eerlijk delen. De toekomst is groen, en de toekomst is links. De toekomst is GroenLinks.”

GroenLinks is about sharing fairly. The future is green, and the future is the left. The future is GroenLinks.



Jesse Klaver – leader of GroenLinks

  • Green politics
  • Progressivism
  • Green liberalism

Political position     Center-left

GroenLinks Platform (standpunten)

Quality health care

Care is about people, not numbers.

Imagine … Everyone gets the care needed. Home care workers, nurses and social workers have time and attention for those who need it. The stopwatch no longer rules care. GroenLinks wants caring to be about people and not about the numbers.

More work

Make way for a sustainable and innovative economy.

GroenLinks wants to invest in jobs, work shared more fairly, and more rights for flex-workers.

Welfare/social security
flexible workers
Child care
Minimum wage
Dismissal (firing) rights
participation Law
Free movement of workers
Combine work and care
Unemployment benefits

Clean energy

Sun and wind are the future.

The Netherlands is enormously behind when it comes to clean energy. GroenLinks is clear: we will invest only in renewable forms of energy. That is why we say no to unreliable gas, nuclear, coal and shale gas.

The climate is changing on our planet and that is because of our human actions, as almost all scientists agree. The effects of global warming are large and they are unfolding faster than expected. GroenLinks wants to work in the Netherlands, in Europe and in the world to do everything possible to halt global warming.


We have a responsibility to provide protection for refugees.

In 2015about one million people fled to Europe from war, violence and persecution. We have a shared responsibility to provide people protection.

Tolerante samenleving

Tolerant society

Emancipation and women’s rights
Gay Rights
children’s Pardon
Sunday opening
Art and culture
Public broadcast Corporation
ritual slaughter
Soft drugs
Freedom of speech