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Dutch PvdD – Party for the Animals

Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) (Wikipedia)

The Party for the Animals (Dutch: Partij voor de Dieren; PvdD) has animal rights and animal welfare among its main goals, though it claims not to be a single-issue party. The party considers itself to be a testimonial party, which does not seek to gain political power, but only to testify to its beliefs and thereby influence other parties.


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"Hold on to your ideals"

“Hold on to your ideals”

A message to President Obama, by Marianne Thieme


  • Animal liberation
  • Environmentalism

Political position     Left-wing


(Dutch: standpunten) – use Google Translate

Animal husbandry, agriculture and food

Nature, biodiversity and wildlife

Climate, energy and environment

Fish, marine ecosystems and fisheries

Companion animals, stray animals and animal trade

Animal experiments and biotechnology

Animals for entertainment and fashion

The Party for the Animals wants as soon as possible to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. The Party for the Animals believes entertaining people does not justify trapping wild animals and imposing unnatural behavior on them. In a number of circuses animals are still being used to perform tricks. These animals undergo a lot of suffering. Because of the training methods, housing, and constant travel from place to place, circus animals live a miserable life in captivity. Performances with animals give a wrong example to the public with regard to the handling and the value of animals.

Marianne Thieme, leader, Dutch Party for the Animals

Marianne Thieme, leader, Dutch Party for the Animals

Society and ethics


Economy and work


Education, culture and media

Studying should be affordable for everyone. Fundamental scientific research is essential to a good, productive and independent science. The system of study should therefore be maintained and not be turned into a feudal system. All universities should be independent.

Security, law and privacy


Housing & Planning