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Essay 3 – Your Paragraphs

Assignment: Write one short paragraph that uses the unit of discourse to explain what you saw as an eyewitness to a traffic accident.


Sunday December 10th, me and a friend were on are way home from school for winter vacation. The roads were pretty slippery and it was kind of hard to see so I put my wind shield wippers and so i can get a better view if the road. The roads began to get a little more slippery so i slowed down behind this black truck and beside it was another truck, the black truck started to speed up and swerve a little bumping the white truck beside it. The white truck swerved a little but gain control and was able to swerve back on to the road. The black truck that was swerving seemed like they could not gain and control off the will and took a turn and got hit and crushed by an six wheeler. Both cars had to goin atleast 35-40 mph because when the six wheeler came it was not just a tap that truck destroyed that black truck. I’m not sure if the driver of the black truck was sleepy or texting but there were four people killed in that accident. My friend and i pulled over to the side and so did the truck that the black car hit first to go see if the six wheeler truck driver was ok, it did not look to good. The driver and the passengers of the black truck were crushed it was kind of hard to identify what gender they were or even who they were. We called the police and waited for the to get there it took about 30 minutes so we waited in the car. When they got there they ask me and my friend and the other truck driver a few questions and stated that i was the dominate eyewitness. After they got a good look at the accident they took down my address and phone number and said they will be in contact with me for further questions.

I was driving behind this vehicle during his accident. The weather wasn’t very good, there was snow and the roads seem a little slippery. The vehicle was black. The car changed the lane.  The black car slid sideways to the truck in the lane next to it. The black car hit the truck very roughly so the car went to the opposite road way. In the other side was a huge truck driving fast, so in sudden this black vehicle hit it. Of course this truck couldn’t stop quickly so the black vehicle got damaged and exploded to small pieces right next to me but in the other side of the road. I changed the lane quickly before the exploded pieces hit me. I stopped waited for the police, since I saw everything. I didn’t know he was texting when he was driving but he seemed distracted because he slid hit the car and didn’t stop but hit the other car.

I knew that texting while driving could be fatal towards your life, but I didn’t know that two trucks could hit each other and the bigger truck making the other truck look like a toy car. All caused by texting. In that video I was surprised to see how far the car swerved off the one side of the road to the other. And then when the two trucks hit each other everything just shattered. In that moment I thought to myself, “I hope I don’t see a body next”. It’s amazing how fast life can change.

On the day of the accident the driver in front of me started off in the far right lane. After that he proceeded to drift into my lane, while the roads were very slick, and kept drifting past my lane. Then I noticed that the driver in front of me kept drifting past my lane which could potentially lead to a head on collision. After that he over corrected himself because he started moving into oncoming traffic and hit the small truck in the right lane. Since the roads were slick he started to spin out and go sideways into oncoming traffic. He was then hit by the tractor trailer which turned out to be tragic with four people dying.

During driving down the Highway I realized a car swerving a little. I didn’t think anything of it because I needed to get  to my destination as soon as possible also it was snowing  outside so I just thought the car sled on ice. As we get further down the road, I see the car swerve closer to the opposite side of the road so I had to think something was going on.  As I’m driving ahead I see the driver swerve into a truck then turns the opposite way to then get smashed by a truck coming down the road. I tried pulling over to the side of the road but I couldn’t . The police soon arrived and they asked me for my name and number so I could me a possible witness to the accident.

On the day of the accident I could say I am the better one to know how the accident happened because I was behind the wheel and paying attention to the road ahead of me. I saw the truck switch from the right lane to the left lane continuously with out there turning signals before hitting anything. When I first saw the truck switch lanes I slowed down because I thought that the driver was drunk or falling asleep. I didn’t want to beep my horn because I thought it would have caused an accident for the driver. I then began to see the driver speed up even more and thought to myself that this driver was in a rush. I remember seeing the truck swerve to the left, then to right and into the big truck and then swerve to the left lane when the huge truck t-boned the car. Even though this huge truck smacked this car into pieces killing them instantly it wasn’t his fault because the car was in the wrong lane. This guy was totally responsible for this accident because he was texting while driving. That is a law not to text and drive or to speed therefore needs to be no other reasons on looking for who committed this accident. Whoever he was texting is not to blame because they didn’t know that this man kept on texting and driving. The guy could have easily pulled over or called his boss ahead of time to let him know he wasn’t going to be there on time.

As an eye witness of this incident, I had observed a car sliding in the snow and being smashed into two 18-wheeler trucks. After reading the full case disclosure and additional evidence about the driver and the victims of the accident, I learned that the driver had been texting while driving and was rushing; probably over the area’s speeding limit’ to get to another destination. Needless to say, this event occurred at the hands of a person who most likely was trying to get to someone in time for something important. This accident could have been prevented by at least 50% if the driver hadn’t been texting or trying to rush to the other destination. Because it was snowing outside, the road could have possibly been icy and slippery, which could have been another risk factor in the accident. But that’s not to say that the driver had full responsibility in the accident. One could even ask, who was the text-er on the other end of the phone that he was rushing to? Where could he have been going? And why was he in such a hurry? All these risks can be seen as possible factors in the incident’s occurrence. However, I believe that the driver of the smashed vehicle is to blame because her or she should have been more careful and paid more attention to the road, the cars surrounding them, and should have ignored the text until they reached their destination. They could have even pulled the car to the side if the message was so urgent that it could not wait a few more minutes before being answered. this way, the chances of people loosing their lives and the case itself could have been reduces plenty.

From what I seen first the driver almost went into oncoming traffic. Then swerved into second lane. Almost ramming into the truck but swerved out and it seemed as if the driver lost control of the vehicle and then went head on with an oncoming truck in the lane of traffic going the opposite direction we were driving. The driver caused a head on collision because the trucker couldn’t avoid the impact.

The roads were pretty slippery out the day of the accident. I wasn’t that far from the vehicle but far enough not to get into an accident as well from the car swerving. The driver lost control of the car as he/she tried to get the car back onto the right side of the road. It completely went on the left side of the road where the truck was. The truck was going at a pretty steady rate and the car had to have caught him off guard because the truck seemed to have couldn’t stop in time to prevent colliding with the car. After the accident happen I pulled my car over to see if I could help with anything. There wasn’t much I could do. The police then came and took my name and number down for further information.

I was driving on the highway one evening and the roads were slippery due to the weather. It was snowing heavy on that day. I was driving and I notice a black SUV driving in front of me . All of a sudden the car started swerving out of control.i think the driver lost control of the car. The SUV slid into the next lane and hit another car. After Hirt that car the SUV slid into the opposite lane . There was a trunk coming and the SUV had no time to get out the way. The truck collided into the SUV where the SUV was there torn into pieces. That was the most tragic things ever witnessed