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Gun Laws

You’ve just dropped your 6 year old son off at elementary school and said goodbye and said have a great day as you have done plenty of times. A few hours later you receive a call from your son’s elementary school telling you that there has been a shooting, a 14 year old boy has opened fire. There’s a brief pause in conversation and then the school official then proceeds to regretfully tell you that they believe your son has been shot and is in a critical condition. This is the call that Jacob Halls Parents, Renae and Roger Hall received on Wednesday September the 28th in 2016. Jacob later passed away on Saturday the 1st of October at 12:56pm. If we don’t complicate the accessibility to guns in America this could very well be someone you know before you know it.

Unfortunately this is just one case of many shootings in schools in America. The biggest issue is that there is so many of these incidents happening. Since the beginning of this year (2016) there has been a total of 16 shootings that resulted in serious injury or death in schools alone. On average over 111,000 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, or by police intervention. About 33,000 of those people are killed.


One of the major issues is that Millions of guns are sold every year in “no questions asked” transactions. Experts estimate that 40 percent of guns now sold in America are done so without a Brady background check. The Brady background check is a system in which the retailer sends the potential buyers details to the FBI. The FBI then runs a background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to see if they are a prohibited purchaser. Prohibited purchasers include felons, fugitives, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill. Simply put, the effective Brady Law prevents guns from getting into the hands of dangerous people. Enforcing this law for all gun laws will significantly improve the gun violence in America as fewer people on the prohibited list will own guns.