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Immigration Y’all


When one is asked what their ethnicity is, not many people answer with American. Many of us would answer with Irish, German, Italian, Polish, etc. America is a makeup of a large sum of different ethnicities, most originating from immigrants. Our ancestors made up the melting pot of early America by coming here from different countries. So now, when one is asked if they support immigration of people from different countries, they would receive a multitude of answers. Some believe that immigration is a terrible thing, but they wouldn’t be alive if immigration wasn’t previously permitted in early America.

The Jade Party believes that immigration should be legal as well as the influx of refugees. We also believe that America should fight to keep immigrant families together, and provide special schooling. It’s important to us to respect immigrants, because they are the ones who created the place where we live today.


A Syrian refugee family from Aleppo, stay under a shelter during a rainy day on March 8, 2014, at Uskudar in Istanbul. More than 136,000 people have been killed in Syria's brutal war since March 2011, and millions more have fled their homes. AFP PHOTO/BULENT KILIC (Photo credit should read BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

Imagine waking up one day and discovering that you’re town is full of rubble and smoke. There are people screaming and running in every direction, and you’re right in the middle of it. There’s multiple gunshots in the distance and you can even smell blood in the air. What is one to do in this situation?

Some are trapped financially and are unable to leave this terrible environment, so they are stuck in their country. However, some seek refuge in other countries, such as  America, “the land of the free.” The most current situation that relates to this, is the war occurring in Syria today. Thousands of people in Syria need America’s help getting out of their crumbling country.

In most instances, the American government takes up to 18-24 months to process the refugee and determine if they are able to relocate, according to The Guardian.The refugees are in constant danger, and the Jade Party envisions a process that takes half that time to ensure their safety. Also, The Guardian explains that there is only 0.006 Syrian refugees per 1,000 Americans as of November 2015. This is a significantly low number, considering that there is a large population of Syrian refugees waiting to relocate to the US.

Therefore, the Jade Party would create a short application time for any refugees, which would surely increase the influx and create better lives among thousands. However, refugees aren’t the only ones that are struggling to make a life in America.

Application Process21border-large2

Do you ever wonder why there are so many illegal immigrants here when they are able to become legal? There are nearly 11 million illegal immigrants living in America today, according to Pew Research. The main reason that these people are doing it illegally, is because the application process is lengthy and expensive. Most immigrants need work and money immediately, and aren’t able to wait years to get permission to cross the border.

The Jade Party strongly encourages immigrants to seek shelter and life in the US, however, the process of getting here is extremely complicated. According to Ilona Bray, to become an official immigrant, it takes well over $600 and could even take up to 5-7 years. Therefore, if a family of four plan to immigrate here, it would cost $2,400. This is absurd for immigrants that are urgent to leave their country due to any urgent, negative reasons. It’s also an unnecessary amount of money, especially if the immigrants possess a large family who plan to come to America.

The Jade Party would create a less lengthy process by having more jobs in this sector to concentrate on immigrant applications and it would simply cost less to fill out the multiple forms required. In addition to difficulty becoming a legal immigrant, many foreign families are separated and torn apart once in America.refugees-welcome

Keeping Families Togetherdream-refer-master1050

Why would the government want to tear apart families and cause emotional pain for thousands of people? It’s quite ridiculous that immigrant families experience this kind of pain. Many of these people travel to America to become free illegally, because of how long and in depth the numerous applications are. When they are here, many get pregnant and have babies, who are legal citizens of the US, because they were born here.

However, the parents are still illegals, and still try to make a living for their family. The Jade Party would like to prevent this from happening, by using the strategy of having a less lengthy application process which costs a significantly less amount of money as well. We believe that this would decrease the amount of families being torn apart. According to Rinku Sen, more than 5,000 kids are in danger of never seeing their parents again.

Also, once the child is in the welfare system, they simply cannot do the things required to get the kids back. These things include talking to case workers, visiting their children, inability to attend family court, and they can’t obtain any social services. Overall, the parents are deported and the children either suffer in foster care for their lives, or are adopted out. The Jade Party envisions a future where immigrant families aren’t torn apart, but rather cherishing each other and making a living in America. In order for them to properly do this as well, it’s important that immigrants receive a special schooling.

Immigrant Educationcalifornia20ed20funding

The Jade Party strongly believes in equal opportunity. Immigrants should be able to receive an educational experience, whether they speak English or another language. However, it’s crucial that they understand English, so they’re able to attend other schools and receive a similar experience as the others.

Our first step is to use funds to make special schools for immigrant children to begin in. After schooling for a few years to gain an understanding of English, public schooling would be provided. This way, they can feel easily assimilated into our culture and ready to continue their education to obtain college degrees. According to Jie Zong and Jeanne Batalova, only 10.5 million immigrants had a college degree in 2014, out of the 36.7 million. In other words, only 29% of immigrants had a college degree of some sort.

Anybody in America should have the resources to gain a college degree of some sort, and some say it’s necessary to have a credible job and steady life. Our vision in the Jade Party is that all immigrants have the chance at this college education, and we believe that having these special schools is the right beginning to make it happen.

Immigrants and refugees don’t simply come to America because they feel like ittoobin-illegal-immigrant-1200-630-04174126. They have actual reasons for leaving their countries, such as dangerous war ,better job opportunities, religious freedom, and the need for political freedom. Why do us Americans feel so entitled to not let these people in? They are here to simply have a better life and they deserve nothing less than this.

The Jade Party hopes that our plan to decrease application waiting time, length, and cost for refugees and immigrants will help, as well as our plan to keep immigrant families together and our special schooling plan.

We as Americans believe in an equal future, whether you are a native or a foreigner.


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