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Free Choice Party

Statement about choice and importance of free choice in a free society.


Platform positionsImage result for LGBT rights

  • LGBT – economic and social rights equal to non-LGBT
    • Work place discrimination
    • Lack of gender neutral bathrooms in public
    • Housing discrimination
    • Acceptance in sports, politics, entertainment and business
    • Health risks and education
    • Restrictions on gay men giving blood
    • Jury duty
    • Transgender military service
    • Youth homelessness
    • Adoption, custody, surrogacy, and other parenting issues
    • Discrimination in youth foster care
    • Discrimination in prisons
    • SuicideImage result for LGBT rightsImage result for pro choice

  • Abortion – rights for mother, rights for
    unborn child

    • Mother has the right to choose to have an abortion
    • If the mother chooses to not have an abortion the child has the right to be in a healthy environment to grow
    • Ban late term abortions

Three Main Reasons Women Have Abortions


  • Gun Rights – most people should have the right to own a gun.
    • Must be 18 to own a gun
    • Must have a clean background check
    • Must have a clean mental health record
    • Conceal to carry permits can be obtained when you apply and clear the permit process

Image result for gun rights