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People First Party



We stand for putting people before profit. Our mission is to make America great again, to create unity and empower every American through an ethical environment in which each individual feels safe and equal.

Our vision is to advocate for equal rights, an ethical conscience, and a society in which all citizens can feel safe while projecting a clean image to overseas investors and removing America’s debt.


  • provide jobs for unemployed
  • Enforce stricter gun laws in order to protect people
  • transform successful unethical businesses into successful ethical businesses (ethical profits)
  • treat people equally regardless of religion, race or gender. There is absolutely no room for racism
  • Increase minimum wage

Providing jobs for the unemployed

People’s hard work will be recognised under our government and this will be achieved by rewarding full time workers with 20 sick days per year. The happier the employees, the harder they will work. Homeless/unemployed people will be offered the opportunity to work around the city.


Enforcing stricter gun laws in order to protect people

Stricter gun laws will be enforced in order to protect people. The economy will take a hit if we remove guns but our safety is more important. Firearms are not ethical profits and are currently serving nothing but harm to America. We will ensure that guns can only be purchased for hunting and target shooting, while firearms and bullets must be stored in separate strongboxes. Self-defence will not be considered a valid reason to own a firearm and only policemen will be allowed to carry firearms on them. There will be a one-year clearance process to become a legal firearm owner and random police checks will be permitted to ensure there are no unregistered firearm owners with firearms. This change will decrease our crime rate and make America a far safer country, which will also make us more appealing to international visitors looking for somewhere to holiday and other countries when it comes to doing business with America.

Ethical Profits

Many people have their mind set that it is impossible to transform successful large unethical businesses into successful ethical businesses. This is not the case as it is possible under our government. We will approach all unethical businesses and inform them they have a certain amount of weeks/months/years to change or they will be shut down. The time period will depend on the size of the company. This will bolster our chances of trading with other countries, as they’ll see our intentions are larger than just profit. This will also lead to improved tourism, as travellers will see this as a prime destination to see a beautiful, clean and rich country. Tourism and increased trading will lead to increased revenue into America.


Equality, its crucial for every country. We don’t believe in inequality here at ‘People First Party’. It has vastly improved over time but we seek to have both genders receive equal pay. All ethnicities will be treated equally. This includes everyone being given the same opportunities as each other. One should not be discriminated against for his beliefs. Whatever religion, race or gender you are, you will be treated equally as all others. There is absolutely no room for racism under our government.

Equality Logo March 2016


The key is to put the people of America before profits and make America great again, while still understanding the importance that ethical profits will play to shaping our country. A safer and more ethically run country will lead to more revenue entering the country. Along with increased trading, increase in tourism and ethically run businesses, the increased tax payments will help drive America out of its substantial debt. Who wouldn’t want to live in a clean, rich, inviting, safe country where everyone is treated equally. The ‘People First Party’ highly values transparency and accountability. It does not take for granted the enormous responsibility of being bestowed the trust of the American citizens to put words into action and make things happen for the better of America. We wish to empower you, the people, to unite with us and decide how great America can be again. Vote ‘People First Party’, putting the people of America before profit.