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Possible cases

Scripted Trials

State of California v. Riley Gardner

Vehicular manslaughter, arising from a car crash that may have been caused by defendant’s texting while driving

Unscripted Trials

Chris Archer v. the State of New Columbia

A college student is charged with first degree murder and criminal hazing after a prospective member of his fraternity falls to her death with a blood alcohol level of .10.

People v. Andrew Madison

A high school student is charged with assaulting an officer, assault and battery, and disorderly conduct after an incident with a Swiss army knife.

United States v. Michael Davis

A college student is charged with felony rape after his girlfriend alleges that he forced her to have sexual intercourse against her will.

United States v. Dominique Stephens

A woman admits to shooting and killing her husband and is charged with first degree murder. She asserts that she acted in self-defense after suffering years of severe physical and emotional abuse.

State v. Durden

The case involved death by excessive drinking of water.  Could it be criminal?

Lee Cavanaugh v. Cup of Joe

The case involves a civil dispute when hot coffee purchased from a local shop burns a customer.  Was the coffee too hot to handle?

State v. Freeman

Frost is dead. She was a partner in a restaurant and was found frozen in the restaurant’s cooler. There was a history of gambling problems and outstanding loans.  Was it murder or just bad luck?

State v. Lane

A criminal case where the defendant, a rap artist, is charged with inciting a riot and arson.

Simon v. Swift and Eastside High School

A civil case where the deceased was a student-athlete who had used steroids. Is the school responsible?

State v. Campbell

A criminal case where a bullying victim is charged with planting a bomb at school.

Johnson v. Brewster, Miller, and WASP

A wrongful death action against not only the convicted wrongdoer, but the person and organization inciting hate.

State v. Kendall

The case of fast cars in Caneville. When drag racing turns deadly, who’s responsible?

Parker et al v. Paradise County School District

The case of the hazardous homework. A volcano for a science project exploded and injured a student. Who is responsible?

State v. Martin

A criminal case where a student is charged with murder after a high school rock climber is found dead at the base of a cliff.