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Protection of LGBT Rights

The Rainbow Party focuses especially on the much needed protection and preservation of LGBT rights. Citizens of the United States may download-1not believe that this is a great problem that needs to be solved, however every single person is human, whether you’re gay or straight, and everyone deserves to have basic human rights. Basic human rights that many of us take for granted are things like marrying whoever you’d like, going into a bathroom that matches your gender, and even going into businesses. The Rainbow Party aims to eliminate discrimination towards the LGBT community.


On June 26, 2015, gay marriage was finally legalized in all 50 states. Just days later, LGBT people living in Texas, Louisiana, and Image result for legalize gay marriageMississippi were still not given marriage licenses because lawmakers in these states said it conflicted with their religious views. Religious views only go hand and hand with law making in a theocracy. The United States is democratic and religious views should not interfere with laws passed and enforced. The Rainbow Party aims to ensure that all LGBT couples are able to acquire a marriage license whenever they want one, and no states will be allowed to deny anyone the right of marriage. Leaders of states that do deny marriage licenses will be heavily fined and if it’s repeated, face jail time.

Transgender Bathrooms

Transgender people face troubling circumstances everyday by such a mundane thing as using a public bathroom. No matter what bathroom they go into, whether it be the gendered bathroomImage result for cisgender they were assigned to at birth or whether they use the bathroom that goes along with their gender identity, they face getting questioned, assaulted, or even sexually assaulted.

Many citizens think that transgender people aren’t actually what they say their gender identity is. They believe that transgender people will just go into a bathroom to cause trouble with the cisgender (people whose gender identity matches their gender assigned at birth) people using the bathroom. This, however, is false. Transgender people use the bathroom just like any cisgender people, believe it or not. They go in to use the
bathroom, wash their hands, and walk out just like anyone else.

Establishments such as Target have even created gender neutral bathrooms, where anyone regardless of gender can use the bathroom and not be questioned in any way. Image result for target gender bathroomsEvery establishment in the US that has public bathrooms should not be able to question anyone’s gender identity in any way. The Rainbow Party aims to put laws into effect that establishes more transgender rights. Transgender people will be able to use the bathroom
that matches their gender identity and not have fears about what could happen if they do because nothing will happen. People who place rules into effect that trans people can’t use bathroom facilities will be fined and/or jailed if such rules continue in their establishments. Transgender rights will be protected.

Many people are opposed to transgender people using the bathroom that coincides with their gender identity. In reality, transgender people are just like cisgender people. Cisgender people are people who identify with their assigned birth gender.

They take selfies in the bathroom like any of us would, reapply make up, and more often than not just simply wash their hands and leave like anyone would. Transgender people shouldn’t be a concern to anyone, they use the bathroom just like anyone does.

Every citizen should have the right to go to the bathroom of the gender they identify with and shouldn’t be restricted.

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Businesses Banning LGBT People

In various states in the US, bills have been passed that can effectively allow businesses to ban LGBT people from visiting their establishment. Former Indiana governor and now Republican vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, passed a law exactly like this making it legal for businesses to deny service to LGBT people. Pence claimed this bill was passed due to businesses having religious freedom. This is extremely wrong and unethical. Businesses should not have the right to ban LGBT people due to their religious beliefs. The United States is a democracy not a theocracy and religion should play no role in lawmaking and bill passing. Every citizen has the right to go to whatever business they would like to and sexual orientation should have no repercussions. The Rainbow Party will outlaw states Image result for cisgenderability to pass laws banning LGBT people from anything especially based on religious beliefs.

LGBT rights need to be improved and protected. State governors should not be able to tell LGBT people they can’t get married or tell them they can’t go into certain businesses because of people’s right to religious freedom. Religious freedom can be expressed but should not be used in a discriminatory fashion against LGBT people. Transgender people will be allowed to use bathrooms that go along with their gender identity and won’t be denied the right to use a public bathroom. The Rainbow Party plans to enforce laws protecting all LGBT rights, because everyone in human and everyone deserves basic human rights no matter what.

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Transgender bathrooms at Target