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Save Our Earth!

plastic-in-dead-sea-bird turtle

The environmental status of the United States is currently in danger. The health of our environment is declining daily, and it’s only becoming worse and worse. There are multiple studies that display proof of this and it’s time to finally step up to help. The first step in fixing any issue, is addressing the problem. Clearly, the Jade Party has done this and we are ready to create a solution to our ecological issues in America. Our Party aims to help the environment by establishing many laws and regulations that will lean towards green living and solve these current issues. 10_unglueckliche_robbe


Our plan will ensure that America has a sustainable environment and can stay sustainable for many years ahead. We will do this by increasing the use of renewable resources, increase recycling, create less waste, create clean waters, and hold corporations liable for dumping waste.

Renewable Resources

When one wakes up in the morning to a heated room, turns on their light, then gets into their car to drive to work, there seems to be nothing environmentally wrong. What is so terrible here that needs fixing? The answer is the extreme use of fossil fuels. They’re used in multiple things an American would utilize daily, such as electricity, any heating, and vehicles. In fact, the National Academy Of Science claims that America gets 81% of it’s energy from fossil fuels. The Jade Party is not trying to eliminate heat from your homes, or the cars you drive daily. Our party strives to rid of the heavy use of fossil fuels, and suggest turning to other, renewable sources for energy and our everyday needs.wind-turbine-3

Renewable sources could take the place of the oils and coals we are burning through so quickly, and ensure an environmentally safe future. The population growth also proves that there will simply not be enough energy in our future, if America doesn’t start using more renewable resources soon. Alternative Energy claims that by 2050, one third of the world’s energy will need to come from solar, wind, and other free sources, due to the predicted population growth.

Therefore, the Jade Party would create a law that will force businesses to use these resources such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric to run their power and needs. Also, we would have separate laws that enforced people to use renewable sources to supply energy to their home that would normally come from fossil fuels. These laws and many others would decrease the harmful effects of non-renewable resources on our precious environment. Along with the laws regarding fossil fuels, laws enforcing recycling is needed.

Less Waste!

The Jade Party aims to create less waste in America and a large step towards our goal is recycling. Waste is created in gigantic amounts daily, even in the smallest things such as water bottles. According to the Fast Company Magazine, Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year and the rate for recycling was only 23%. This means that 38 billion water bottles were wasted, and accumulates to more than $1 billion worth of plastic. The Jade Party would fix this issue in America, and ensure that every household participates in recycling. It’s important that items like as plastic and paper don’t end up in landfills, when they could be used in making new products.landfills420

Our party would also make all manufacturers responsible for the full life cycle of their products by requiring them to take back used products and recycle them into new ones. The end result of these laws would be less waste accumulated and even less landfills brimming with recyclable products. Companies would be able to re manufacture or recycle what they brought into the market in the first place, too. Responsibility is key when dealing with the factor of less waste and a better environment in general.

Water Pollution

In addition to promoting recycling through laws, the Jade Party would also have corporations held liable of the pollution that they produce. In other words, if a company was dumping toxic waste in landfills or any body of water, they would have to suffer the consequences. Jades are clearly against any harm done to the environment, especially through direct association with a corporation. Like any person, they would experience a hefty fine or even jail time due to their environmental abuse. A considerable consequence to companies not being held accountable, is the pollution to our water.

Water is needed in our country and world, by all organisms, regardless of species or w391860ay of life. Therefore, it is our basic right to have clean water in our world, whether it’s drinking water or for enjoyment. According to Merlin Hearn in 20 Water Pollution Facts, over 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, groundwater, and industrial waste are discharged into the U.S waters annually. So this means that most of the water we encounter whether going to the beach, or sightseeing at a lake is most likely polluted with gallons and gallons of bacterial sewage.

It’s not fair to anybody to be surrounded by such polluted waters, and it be the fault of corporations. The Jade Party wants to bring an end to this, and create a safe aquatic environment for the people to enjoy, and the organisms to strive. We plan to do this by creating a list of regulations prohibiting the dumping of sewage or waste into any waters, and harsh punishment if done. Our basic rights as humans should not be stripped because of corporations and companies polluting our environment.4910183534_8e3e89ae50

\As America is steadily falling behind in creating ecological sustainability, the Jade Party is here to pick up the pieces. We believe in an America with an environment that’s filled with the use of renewable resources, and slim to no fossil fuels. We believe in an America that recycles everything they possibly can, and companies willing to recycle their own-used products. We believe in an America with less pollution, and clean waters. We believe in America.


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