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Say Less, Do More

  • “For the sake of humanity”


Our main focuses is to bring in profits while protecting the will being of our citizens and to protect our nation from many threats inside and out. There will be no tolerism of any such viol

ence or abuse. Every one will all be treated equally no  matter your race, age, or gender. This political party was formed and is dedicated to helping mainly the underprivileged citizens that live in poverty in the united states.

As different parties switch throughout the government the programs that we have or did have to help the less fortunate all come and go. We need a program that is here to stay and my political party has that program! I understand that helping the most vunderable will cost the government to use extra money but at the end of the day we are doing good and doing whats better for our country. If we dont then looking at america you see a beautiful golden apple but when you bite into this apple, its nothing but spoiled fruit. Everything that glitters isnt gold.


  • reform the welfare system
  • reduce unemployment
  • offer the same high quality health care to everyone, rich and poor
  • Access to Health Care
  • Access to Education
  • Help the Poor or Less Fortunate

Poverty In America

In 2015 43.1 million people (13.5 percent) were in poverty, 24.4 million (12.4 percent) of people ages 18-64 were in poverty, 14.5 million (19.7 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty,4.2 million (8.8 percent) seniors 65 and older were in poverty. Also from the same article in 2015 42.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households, including 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million children, 13 percent of households (15.8 million households) were food insecure, 5 percent of households (6.3 million households) experienced very low food security,Households with children reported food insecurity at a significantly higher rate than those without children, 17 percent compared to 11 percent, Households that had higher rates of food insecurity than the national average included households with children (17%), especially households with children headed by single women (30%) or single men (22%), Black non-Hispanic households (22%) and Hispanic households (19%).

Restricting Abortion

An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is a huge issue in the United States and around the rest of the entire world because while some people are completely against it while others believe that people should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies. I myself believe that abortion is morally wrong and inhumane.Reasons why I think that abortion is immoral is because it is killing of a human, even if it is barely formed it is still a human child. When we abort a baby we take away its right to live and its ability to enjoy the good and bad experiences of our world. We could be killing the next Ghandi, MLK, and Mandela or even the next Michael Jackson. Another reason why I do believe abortions should be illegal is because the side effects of it are both physically and emotionally destroying. Physically, it increases your chances of miscarriages or even having children in your future all because of one stupid decision. Emotionally, it increases stress and depression which could result in suicide in extreme cases. I know this because many of my friends went through the trauma of having an abortion and they all wished they never went with their decision and they were all depressed for months. Also, Who really pays for abortion? YOU DO! Its women out here who are receiving free abortions with the help of insurance money that they get from the taxes you pay. Instead of using taxpayer money to murder innocent fetuses we could use it for things more beneficial to people and our society for example that money could of went to a person who is on the verge of death and really needed a life saving procedure.