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Separation of Church and State

Religion and government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together”      – 4th President James Madison

The Rainbow Party believes greatly in the separation of church and state. Too many times, citizen’s rights are denied based on religious views of those in charge. The government cannot legislate morality, but it can allow people who have differing opinions to continue believing in them so long as they’re not infringing on others rights. 

In the United States, lawmakers often support and pass laws that they morally believe in based on their religious views. This could include passing laws to outlaw abortion or passing discriminatory laws against LGBT people. The Rainbow Party plans to work for more separation between religious views and government. As of 2014, there are 318.9 million people currently living in the United States. That’s 318.9 million different views, 318.9 million different opinions. It is impossible to run a country and create laws based on one person’s morals because everyone’s morals are different.

Religion within Government Officials

As of February 2016, of the eight supreme court justices, five are Roman Catholic, a branch of Christianity, and only three are Jewish. The United States government appears to be run by people of Christian faith. The United States has been run, since it was created, primarily by people of Christian faith. The lack of religious diversity is concerning.

Two presidents in our country’s entire existence haven’t been Christians, Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln, both said to be not affiliated with a religion. Based on popular opinion and also on official presidential ratings, Abraham Lincoln is said to be one of the top three presidents the United States has ever had and he didn’t bring his religious views into his governing, if he had any at all. Perhaps this shows that ruling without religion playing a role in your actions is a better way to rule and make laws. We plan to diversify our lawmakers, their sexual orientation, religion, culture, in order to make a government less controlled by Christianity values.

Religion v. Gay Marriage

It is estimated that 4.3% of the United States population considers themselves a member of the LGBT community, and while that may not seem like a lot, that approximately 13.7 million people. Almost 14 million people should not be having their rights denied by the government by people basing the laws they pass off of their own moral religious beliefs. Every member of our country should be able to freely be who they are, religious beliefs included, but one’s beliefs should not infringe on other’s lives. That is not morally right in any way.

People who are morally comfortable with gay marriage can do what they’d like, marry whoever they want to and not be questioned. Those who oppose gay marriage don’t have to have a gay marriage but they cannot stop other people from doing what their heart wants, what they themselves morally think is right. You cannot make a case against gay marriage because “it’s not morally right” because, once again, there’s 318.9 million people in the United States and everyone has a different idea on what is morally correct. The Rainbow Party will enforce laws forbidding lawmakers from passing laws based on religious views, targeting a specific group of people. America is all about freedom, freedom to be who you want, but not freedom to force people to be what you want them to be. Freedom pertains to all members of our society and its freedom for everyone to be themselves and not be ruled over by people who enforce their own morals on everyone under them.

Abortion Rights

There are two very different stances on abortion laws, pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life believers are people who consider the fertilized egg within the women to be a human being who has rights the moment after it is conceived. Pro-choice believers are people who say that a woman has control over her own body and the fertilized egg is not a human being until later in the pregnancy. Woman should be able to have control over their body, including if there is a fetus inside of her. If she should want to terminate the pregnancy within the first trimester, or first 12 weeks of the pregnancy, she should have the ability to do so.

Before the 1973 Supreme Court Decision in Roe v. Wade, women often self-aborted the pregnancy which is highly unsafe. As many as 5,000 women died annually because of efforts to self-abort the fetus before the case was taken to court. Women will try to abort an unwanted fetus no matter if it’s legal or it isn’t, making the safer option to keep abortion legal and provide services for women in the unwanted situation. Currently, laws restricting abortion were overturned because the ruling of the case was that the woman has control over her own body and since then the Pro-choice movement has become more prevalent in the United States.

Pro-life believers are often religious people who reason that God created the baby and you shouldn’t be allowed to terminate your pregnancy for any reason. Again, religious beliefs and laws should not coincide with each other. One’s moral religious beliefs should not hinder others who do not share the same beliefs. All women should have the right to do whatever they’d like with their body, including terminating a pregnancy if desired. Women should have the freedom to control their own body and what happens with it. The Rainbow Party aims to uphold the 1973 decision of allowing women to have the choice to abort the pregnancy and funding services such as Planned Parenthood to assist in a safe abortion.

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