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Softly Spoken Party

logomakr_3v146c“One whisper is lost in the wind, a million whispers changes its direction”

Our goal in SSP is to give the power back to the people through enforcing the market. We can achieve this by putting aside these illusions and focusing on what is important, a better economy, equal taxation, abolishment of the minimum wage.


In the Softly Spoken Party we believe that there are 3 major policies that hold us back as a country, we believe we have found not only the problems but the solutions to follow

  • Abolishment of the Minimum Wage
  • Privatize some government agencies
  • Reinforce the free market


Minimum Wage

      In the SSP we believe that there should be no federal regulation of wages. A big part in this is that we would be putting more power into our free market. We believe that this will increase our economy on 3 levels; first the power to the market, second increased control of inflation, finally those companies willing to pay more will do better because they will have a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

Privatization of Certain Government Agencies

    The SSP believes one way to help boost economics is by privatizing public agencies. This will not only lower taxes significantly, but also put more power into the market. Also with the privatization of government will provide a new competitiveness that will help these agencies grow. While throwing in a new competitive privatized government would be devastating to our economy, we believe that if we nurture it into our society that we will thrive and prosper under these newer conditions.

Reinforcement of the Free Market

   To bring a stronger free market we will but more government funding back into the businesses that make the foundation of our economy. By giving everyone a fair start and then releasing them to fend for themselves, we will only have the stronger businesses survive and making a more competitive and  prosperous market. With these reinforcements  we would provide protection from larger corporations and ensure that everyone has the same opportunity, with as little intervention as possible.  This market will propose 2 new taxes, a bigger business tax and a local business tax. The bigger business tax will require anyone with 100 or more employees to pay a tax to put money back into local businesses, this will help local businesses thrive even when large corporations move in. The local business tax will be a tax for the people within their personal city limits to provide funding for local businesses. We believe at the SSP that with the help of these taxes it will put the power if the people back into their own hands. Finally, to really help with reinforcement by creating job opportunities in all communities. We will start this by implementing a tax on every local business with the cost based on the employee count, the more employees the greater the cost is reduced.