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The Basics

The Stoic Independence Party is all about individual rights, ecological awareness and caution, and rehabilitating Americans. We are focusing on some of the main issues that are making people unhealthy and unhappy in order to create a better country overall. By giving more to ourselves, by creating a clean and safe environment, and by rehabilitating people in prisons, on drugs, or who are in poverty, we will build an ideal community.

As people living in America, we all want our rights. Isn’t that what America is supposed to be all about? We want our guns. We want to be able to say what we want, when we want. We want our land. Americans are incredibly defensive over their amendments, and the SIP wants to give you full access to those and more. Essentially, SIP will give you almost complete freedom, with some condtions, as long as you are not hurting someone or anything else. You may do as you please as long as nobody or anything, including yourself, is in danger. Americans are currently in disarray over gun ownership. Some people want guns, others do not. There was a recent poll[1] which showed just how divided America is on the topic of guns. We say, get a gun if you want it. All you need is a background check and a risk assessment[2], and to pass both of those. Again, do what you want, just don’t hurt anyone or anything.

By creating a better environment, we will have a better place to live. Which, in turn, will create happier people. Studies have shown that the cleaner the place someone lives, the happier the individual will be[3]. This applies to the environment as well. If you are not breathing clean air, your body will be unhappy, and thus you will be unhappy. All the chemicals sprayed on plants that we eat and take into our bodies, aren’t exactly doing any good for us. Especially if they’re sprayed on the plants specifically to kill the bugs and animals coming to eat said plants. Who really thinks enough about it to wash their fruits and vegetables? Most of us don’t. We want to go all organic. With grass fed animals and properly fed chickens, who are cage-free. Making sure the chemicals that we do need to use aren’t harming the environment either, such as DDT which was responsible for killing much of the bird population and increasing breast cancer rates by 5 times[4].

In early September of this year, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that Dorchester County, South Carolina, use a product called Trumpet in order to help prevent the spread of the Zika virus. However, Trumpet actually killed millions of honey bees and poisoned the honey that had been produced[5]. SIP wants to take extreme caution before doing these types of things.

SIP also plans on rehabilitating America. Our plan is to legalize marijuana use, recreationally and medically, for the sole purposes of bringing down hard drug usage and lowering crime rates. Image result for epidiolexMedical marijuana studies have proven that marijuana saves lives. In people with epilepsy, cannabis has lowered their seizure count by over 50 percent. Side effects were also mild to moderate and went away over time. Out of the 137 people using Epidiolex (which is 99% Cannibidiol), only 10 stopped use, three of whom restarted use[6]. Cannabis has also been proven to reduce opioid usage and help recovering addicts stay away from hard drugs such as heroin, crystal methamphetamine, and crack-cocaine[7].


In 2014, 1,561,231 people were arrested for drug law violations, out of 11,205,833 arrestImage result for drug war statistics pie charts nationwide, 83 percent of which were only for possession. Over 700,000 of those arrests were for marijuana charges, 88 percent of which were, again, only possession charges[8]. What do these numbers, that you probably didn’t even read, mean? They mean that aro
und 60 percent of all drug law violations were only because the person was using or had cannabis on them. The United States has the highest incarceration rates in the world, by legalizing marijuana, we can reduce those numbers by over 10 percent. In 30 states, two-thirds of people released from prison were arrested again within three years. 77 percent were arrested again within five years[9].


This is due to the lack of rehabilitation in prisons around the country. Our plan is to implement education in prisons, and give more recreational time. Whether an inmate wants to get their GED or learn a trade, or even both, is up to them, but something needs to be done to help these people. When you go to prison, you are dehumanized and you lose your rights. Instead of punishing these people, we should be helping them create better lives for themselves and their families.