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The Democratic Republican Party

“Neutrality and Peace for America”


The Democratic Republicans, or Demopublican for short, is a “happy medium” between the already known parties, Democrat, and Republican. Our ultimate goal is to be a neutral country, and to open our minds before our mouths. Equal rights always apply, and up to date votes will be taken on what laws are passed and changed. Although we are a newly formed party, we want to be made known to society as a party that will bring change and peace.



  • gender equality in the workplace and in society
  • judicial reviews of past laws
  • anti-discrimination laws
  • progressive tax laws (richer pay higher percentage than poorer)



Gender Equality in the Workplace and in Societydownload

As a nation striving to improve, the Demopublican party believes that it’s our goal to set new laws into place to give men and women equal rights. We believe that in the workplace, men and women should be paid equally, and that in society, they should be treated the same. Therefore we want to put gender neutral laws into effect.

These laws will provide more protection to women and possibly dissolve some of the movements in the United States. In our minds, this is a necessity in a nation that wants to be free, and wants to improve both economically and socially.



  • equal rights and payments to both genders in the workplace
  • formulation of new laws for equality
  • bring neutrality to movements


Anti-Discrimination Lawsecri_logo_300



a8a7f605d277abd0c29f31b9ff319968In addition to bringing equality to all members of society, the Demopublican party strictly believes that every member of society should be free of discrimination. There are many people who hide their sexual and religious orientations because they’re afraid of what people will think, and we want to encourage these people to be who they are. Our last ambition is to legalize free choice, although people are still against this, we want America to be “the land of the free” again. It would be a great accomplishment to have these situations resolved in some way.


  • encourage people to accept who they are
  • elimination of discrimination
  • bring peace to all religions