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The Stoic Independence Party

“We are free, we are ecological, we are rehabilitating America”


The Stoic

The Stoic

The Stoic Independence Party is all about individual rights, ecological awareness and caution, and rehabilitating Americans. We are focusing on some of the main issues that are making people unhealthy and unhappy in order to create a better country overall. We will build an ideal community.


  • Increasing access to amendments
  • Legalizing medical and recreational marijuana
  • Increasing individual freedoms
  • Eliminating pesticides
  • Eliminating insecticides
  • Creating biodegradable “garbage”
  • Encourage people to ride bikes instead of drive
  • Decrease military spending and increase welfare spending
  • Increase rehabilitation in prisons and rehab centers
  • Reduce pollution
  • Ban opiates
  • More equality for people of all races, genders, and sexuality
  • Better treatment of animals (more animal rights laws)



Stoicism is based on four main principles that I have: wisdom, justice, courage,



and moderation. Independence I included in the name because a big part of my party is being an independent person, and being free to do what you want. Being free and doing what you want is a huge part of America, or at least used to be. The earth is very important as well, without it we would literally die.


            This video compares American gun laws to UK gun laws, as well as homicide and violent crime rates



Trump Dump


America isn’t taking the proper steps in reducing pollution and the stress we put on the earth. Animals are dying, bees are dying, the ozone layer is withering, and our air is slowly becoming unbreathable. We need to take steps in becoming a healthier nation, not only for the earth, but for ourselves, so I made ecological wisdom and caution a main principle.



This is what man has done and continues to do. Do you really want to live in such a world?


Opiates are becoming an epidemic in America. We need to get rid of them and legalize recreational and medical marijuana.

Rise in heroin / opiate use

Rise in heroin / opiate use

We need to lower the prison population and focus on rehabilitating those in prison, on drugs, and in poverty.



The difference between using Opiates vs. using Cannabis

Your brain on opiates, this is how your tolerance will increase, and how your brain and body will react to being off of it