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The Turn Around Party

“To Be Above Normalcy” 

We have confused power with greatness. To be great is to be above the normal and to be powerful is having the ability to direct the behaviors of others. The mission of the TAP is to serve the diverse educational, economic and cultural needs of the American people. The vision is to help everyone reach their highest potential in an atmosphere that is challenging but supportive.


  • To encourage individual freedom without government interference
    • Parental Involvement
    • Legalize Abortion
    • Legalize Gay Marriage
    • Decriminalize Marijuana and Legalize Recreational Marijuana
  • To encourage social justice
    • Civil Rights
    • Environmental Rights
    • Labor Laws
  • To encourage equal opportunity
    • Access to Health Care
    • Access to Education
    • Help the Poor or Less Fortunate
    • Prohibit the Death Penalty