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The Underdog Party

“We address the issues of the underdogs.”ff-quote

Imagine living out in the country where the nearest paid fire department is almost a half hour away. That means that your local department is ran by volunteers who more than likely have day jobs. It is about 11 on a Wednesday morning, and your house catches on fire, and is fully involved (almost all of it is burning). Most of your local volunteer department will be at work or unavailable to respond, so they’ll have to wait for mutual aid to come. Or, worse, you could wait for the nearest paid department. You could be waiting for a half hour for them to crew and get on scene. Would you want to wait and watch your belongings burn until you could get a fire department there?

If we professionalize all fire companies, then we will have crews on standby at all times who can get on a truck and go to the scene as soon as the tones drop. They can be on scene in as little as 15 minutes. When it’s your belongings that are at risk, you want the quickest response time that you can possibly get.

We speak for our first responders that are quietly in the background covering all of our backs. We speak for the unborn child that the mother decided to kill by having an abortion because the child was unplanned or unwanted. We speak for the animals that are being tortured, maimed, dismembered, and even killed and can’t speak for themselves.


  • professionalize all volunteer firefighters
  • outlaw abortion
  • stop using animals in experimental testing





Firefighters and First Reponders:

As a volunteer firefighter, you have to go through rigorous training and get yourself into peak physical condition to pass the Erie County Firefighter 1 Air Consumption Test. They work hard, train harder, and push themselves to their physical limits. In most cases, they work their day (paid jobs), and then they go to training in the evening, often missing dinner and family times.

The Firefighter 1 course is one of the hardest courses for a firefighter to pass. It tests them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Pushes them to their limits. Many people can not pass the air consumption test portion of the test. It sees how much air they consume while performing tasks that are commonly performed on an emergency scene.

This course not only takes the firefighters from their daily work life, but also their families. It is very physically intensive, and many people fail to graduate this course.

If they manage to graduate the course, they have to go on and respond to calls at any point during the day. They may get the call to duty during the family’s dinner time, a family party, while they’re catching up on sleep after a long stressful day at work, or while they’re enjoying time with the kids. The tones can go off at any point during the day or night, and often interrupt their daily lives. \

So why are they not getting reimbursement for working a ‘second job’? They are away from home, between trainings, calls, and meetings, about as much as a part time job. Then why are they not being paid for it with some sort of benefits?



Stop Using Animals in Testing: