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The People First Party will help create new jobs, and here’s how we’ll do it. We will look at the larger entrepreneurial environment that is currently undergoing a slump and implement strategies to support and grow small businesses. What has this got to do with jobs you ask? Well, America’s small businesses actually employ over half of America’s private sector workforce, so if we look after them, we create more jobs for you.

So the question is how can we do this?

  1. We can ensure that they get the resources that they need to grow.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, many banks cut back their lending by 2.2%, while credit unions continued to lend and actually increased lending by 43.2%. This is ideal as credit unions are not-for-profit, community-based, member-owned institutions and are in a unique position to understand the ins and outs of small businesses and their unique situations. So why aren’t they helping more? The answer is that the Government won’t let them! They are constrained by out dated federal regulation that Congress imposed in 1998; a cap of a 12.25 % of their assets (maximum lending) to commercial loans. This regulation was originally introduced in order to stop large commercial loans, but the result in today’s environment has been to hinder the lending needs of small businesses.

We will raise the credit union spending cap to 27.5% (over double its current level) while leaving protections in place, allowing the credit unions to create opportunities in their communities for small businesses to access funding. The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) foresees that this would result in approximately 152,200 new jobs in the first year alone!

In addition to this, an SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) study has shown that when the cap is raised, 80% of additional lending created will be NEW small business lending. Therefore, the banks should not expect any damages to their client base.

If small businesses succeed, jobs follow, without costing taxpayers a cent!


  1. Immigration Reform

America as we know it was built by immigrants, in fact one in four small businesses here is started by immigrants. So why on earth would we want to prevent immigrants from entering our country? It just doesn’t make sense for our economy!

There is a misconception that if we allow more legal immigrants to enter the country, they will take our jobs. The truth is quite the opposite; more jobs will be created for the following reasons:

  • Immigrants are more likely to take risks and start their own business (according to the Small Business Administration, 30% more likely!).
  • These businesses create jobs for Americans (employing approximately 4.7 million people a year).
  • Immigrants are more likely to be self-employed.
  • Immigrants develop cutting-edge technology. We just have to look at examples such as Google, eBay, Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, and Intel, that were all started by immigrant entrepreneurs.
  • Immigrants consist of engineers, scientists, and innovators, with foreign born inventors holding more than 75% of the patents issued to the top 10 patent-producing universities.

Immigrants increase demand for local goods and services.


We will introduce an International Entrepreneur Rule, which would pave the way for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business in America. This rule would take advantage of the “significant public benefit” part of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as the significant job increase for Americans would provide public benefit. Initially the permission will be temporary for two years, and there will be regulated screening of each applicant who will invest at least $345,000 into the U.S. Applicants must generate at least10 full-time jobs over 5 years.

  1. Homelessness

On any given night in America, over half a million people are homeless. This is an ongoing issue for governments, who have tried tackling hundreds of projects to solve it, from affordable housing to more shelters and job training. The truth is that these things alone can’t give a homeless person lasting success.

We believe the best place to start is with educating our homeless youth. We will give homeless teens the training and skills to a specific profession and provide them with the skills to search for and secure a job. We believe that if we can invest in our youth, they will carry these skills forward with them, giving them long lasting success.

The People First Party does just that; we put the American people first.