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Where’s the Social Justice?


Has America ever really had social equality? Have all genders and races been treated equally? Has the government paid close attention to our social needs? The answer is no. America has an extremely negative history when it comes to social justice. The country began on the basis that only rich white men had rights. Since then, more rights have been given, but we still lack to become an equal nation. Social obstacles still face America today that limit our equality, such as the limiting of contraceptives and abortion, prisons and racial discrimination. These are problems that the Jade Party aims to fix, in attempt to increase the social justice of our country.


Imagine waking up one day and not feeling quite right. You went to a party last nighpro-choice-quotes-tumblr-hd-pro-choice-or-no-voice-wallpaper-hd-1t with a few girls you weren’t too familiar with. You can’t remember what even happened after your third drink, but you have a feeling it’s not good. As you beat yourself up about it, you realize that you have bruises all over yourself and you come to the conclusion that you’ve been raped. A month later you become aware that you’re pregnant.

What do you do now? The Jade Party believes that the woman should be able to choose to get an abortion, just like any other unwanted pregnancy.

Any woman should be able to go to any state to receive the abortion, because we believe it should be federally legalized. According to Guttmacher Institute, 18% of women pregnancies in 2011 were unwanted. Also, the Center for Disease Control reports that there were 3,953,590 pregnancies in the US that year alone. So, that means that there were 711,646 babies born that were not desired in the family. Who knows how those babies are now, maybe some of them were dumped into the foster system, or some have a terrible home life.

All human life deserves a good home and childhood, and if a mother knows that she can’t supply this, abortion should be an option. Abortion also goes hand in hand with contraceptives, which would he helpful in preventing unwanted pregnancies



Now, picture the woman who was raped during the party she was at. However after being raped, she was never pregnant with an unwanted child. She has been on birth control for almost 3 years and this prevented her from having to give birth to a unwanted child or have an abortion either. This is why contraceptives should be available. Jades strongly believe that just like abortions, any type of contraceptives including the “Plan-B” or “Morning After” pill should be federally legal.

According to Guttmacher Institute, 34,501,000 women were currently using contraceptives all off types in 2012. In addition to this, 4,175,000 women were not using a method and were at risk for an unwanted pregnancy. The American government has no right to take away these preventive measMandatory Credit: Photo by GARO/PHANIE/REX (4137784p) Contraceptives. Variousures, since they are so popular and obviously needed.

Also, the Jades believe that not only should there be legal contraceptives, there should be cheap ones. It is most likely that these 4 million women not using them are either too poor to purchase it, they weren’t covered by their insurance, or they are simply not sexually active. This is a problem that we believe needs fixing, because everybody deserves to be sexually active and safe at the same time.

Our main goal is to make abortions and contraceptives easily accessible to all women at any time, no matter the situation, because everybody makes mistakes. With this, we also believe that everybody deserves a second chance, even regarding the laws of America.

Prison Population

Did you know that America has the highest rate of incarceration in any nation? Did you also know that we also hold 22% of the world’s prisoners? According to the Washington Post, America houses 716 prisoners out of every 100,000 people. The Jade Party believes that it’s a dangerous problem, because prison populations are rising everyday and there have been no changes. The whole purpose of prisons are to assist the prisoner by giving them a second chance at life, teach them how to benefit in society, and serve time as a form of punishment.

In this undated photo released by the California Department of Corrections, inmates sit in crowded conditions at California State Prison, Los Angeles. California's prison secretary on Friday, Feb. 2, 2007, said the state will force the transfer of up to 5,000 inmates to other states, an indication that an order signed last fall by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has fallen short of expectations. Corrections Secretary James Tilton said the action is needed to relieve overcrowding that threatens the safety of guards and inmates in the nation's largest state prison system. (AP Photo/California Department of Corrections) cal_prison-1

In our incarceration system today, there’s not nearly enough rehabilitation occurring, and more of retribution instead. Jades do believe that people that break laws should be punished, but also need help turning their lives around. They can do this with educational programs, learning job skills, as well as several types of counseling.20101129_prisons_capacity-source-prod_affiliate-91-1


In addition, we believe that legalizing marijuana could help prison populations dramatically decrease. Marijuana would be legalized federally, because of it’s multiple positive effects on the mind and the body. According to the Drug Policy Alliance,  643,121 people were arrested in 2015 due to marijuana law violations. Now, if this so called “drug” was legalized, then we would be saving much needed space in our prisons and money.

America could use the money saved to deal with actual crimes throughout the nation rather than  chase teens smoking marijuana. Therefore, our goal is to decrease prison populations by legalizing cannabis and increasing the number of programs to help rehabilitate in prisons. Not only do we aim to fix prison populations, but we want to end racial discrimination.

Racial Discrimination 

Confederate flags fly high on buildings in the south everyday. It sways with the wind and reminds all Americans of how the times used to be, and the abuse that African Americans endured. Why would we be proud of the times of slavery and hurt? It’s not fair. The Jade Party believes that this contributes to racial discrimination, and all confederate flags should be banned immediately.

In the a study recorded by Vocativ from 2011, 22 percent of Southerners said they have a positive view of the Confederate flag, while 41 percent of African Americans have a negative reaction. America needs to be sensitive in this subject, and take in account the different point of views, especially those of the African Americans. This way, African Americans can feel more equal, knowing that their slavery and abuse isn’t being symbolized on flags everywhere.635706601302697346-racism

Next, the Jade Party would create funds to pay any families that went through any type of slavery. Obviously, we couldn’t do anything to take away the pain, but compensation with money is what we could do at this point.

Racial discrimination is something that can’t be solved overnight. It’s an ongoing issue in America and Jades would contribute to help, with removal of the Confederate Flag as well as compensations. Although they won’t fix the past, it is a step towards a brighter, discrimination free future.

America clearly needs to become a more socially justice nation. We could talk abnether-and-stefan-ways-mural-art-rose-streetout the problems we have but the solutions are what we need to further focus on. Our vision in the Jade Party is a nation that has legalized abortions and contraceptives. There would be thousands of unwanted lives saved.

Our vision also includes less populated prisons and ones that help rehabilitate more than punish. Lastly, we picture a nation with no racial discrimination, just equality. It’s time for social changes and the Jade Party is ready to make this happen.

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