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Your Issues

The list below comes from the essays introducing your parties. I notice very little awareness of the world outside the U.S. I am not surprised, which is one of the reasons I talk so much about Australia and the Netherlands in class.

The topic below that most directly relates to the world is Immigrants. Two of the positions would reduce the number of them.

Topics from the Issues page that could be addressed by your platforms:

Military & War on Terror
Drone strikes
Size of the military budget

Foreign Policy
Is China a threat?
War on Terror

Internet of Things
Driverless cars

I expected more emphasis on jobs. Where do they come from? In my view, the future of the economy depends on smart, hard-working, ambitious people — like you? — to create new jobs.

The most promising areas are those that will disrupt current industries, much as the automobile industry disrupted the horse industry. Smart, hard-working, ambitious blacksmiths became car mechanics.

On the list below, green technology offers the most promise for disruption. On the list above, the Internet of things, including driverless cars and things made with a 3D printer, has the most promise.

from your essays:



ASP – reestablish and reform a trickle down economy system
SSP – reinforce the free market
SSP – privatize some government agencies

JP – focus on economic justice and sustainability
PFP – transform successful unethical businesses into successful ethical businesses (ethical profits)


BEA – lower taxes

DRP – progressive tax laws (richer pay higher percentage than poorer)


APP – bring businesses and jobs back to America
PFP – provide jobs for unemployed
SLDM – reduce unemployment
BP – create more jobs

Minimum wage

BEA – keep the minimum wage the same


OGK – promote Clean Green projects for ecological sustainability
SIP – create a clean and safe environment
JP – create ecological sustainability
BP – create an eco friendly environment


COMM – strengthen rights of crime victims
OGK – lower the penalty of petty non-violent crimes


APP – fight to take away stricter gun laws
BEA – allow access to guns for most legal citizens
COMM – stop the wars on guns

PFP – enforce stricter gun laws in order to protect people


Social justice

LGBT – foster social justice for all members of society
JP – foster social justice
TAP – encourage social justice and equal opportunity
BP – fix social injustices
LGBT – foster non-violence


DRP – equality between everyone in the work place and in society
DRP – anti-discrimination laws, especially protecting the LGBT community
PFP – treat people equally regardless of religion, race or gender. Absolutely no room for racism.
SIP – ensure almost complete freedom as long as you are not hurting someone or anything else

Health care

COMM – increase access to health care
SLDM – offer the same high quality health care to everyone, rich and poor
TAP – make the free healthcare system free for everyone


BEA – make abortions illegal under most circumstances
UP – outlaw abortion

COMM – increase access to abortions
TAP – legalize abortion


APP – total revamp of the welfare system
COMM – get rid of the welfare state

SIP – rehabilitate people in poverty
SLDM – reform the welfare system

Drug testing

BEA – drug test people who are on welfare and also making them show proof that they are looking for a job


COMM – stop the wars on drugs
SIP – legalize recreational marijuana
SIP – rehabilitate people on drugs



APP – get out all illegal immigrants
BEA – get rid of the illegal immigrants

JP – create a safe haven for refugees and immigrants


BEA – take better care of our veterans
ASP – provide better veteran care
ASP – create jobs for veterans
PFP – take better care of veterans

First responders

UP – professionalize all volunteer firefighters
PFP – give first responders higher wages


LGBT – protect LGBT rights
TAP – legalize gay marriage

BEA – ban transgender from using the opposite sex’s bathroom

Mothers and children

OGK – foster social justice for mothers
DBP – teach kids at a young age that it is okay to be who you are in life
DBP – get kids out of abusive environments


UP – stop using animals in experimental testing
ARP – end animal testing
ARP – shut down all puppy mills
ARP – end unnecessary euthanasia
ARP – enforce stricter laws about abuse and neglect of animals
OGK – end all forms of animal abuse