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Your paragraphs

Your paragraphs in response to the in-class writing assignment: Essay 3 – Eyewitness

Writer 1

To whom it may concern

I was traveling behind the driver in question at the time of the accident. First, the vehicle seemed to lean to the left, heading into the opposite lane. Based upon the fact that apparently the driver was texting at some point in this accident, I would say that this is the time he was on the phone. He was probably looking down at it tryping the message, neglecting to insure his car was traveling straight. Afterwards, the vehicle jolted to the right. This is likely when the driver realized that he was approaching the opposite lane and, in a panic, jerked the wheel to the opposite direction. Causing him to strike the larger truck in the lane immediately to his right. After impact with the truck, the driver probably jerked the wheel back to the left, imaginably a knee-jerk reaction, to get away from the other vehicle and lost control. Sending him careening into the opposite lane and into the path of a tractor trailer, where he was violently impacted.

I also have a theory that the weather and road conditions could have played a role in this accident as well. The erratic jerks of the vehicle were probably exacerbated by a slippery road.

Writer 2

By looking at the video,it might look like that the car slipped on the road and lost it’s track.But thats not the truth.The car had been going straight at an adequate speed for a considerable time.If the road was slippery,it would have shown an effect on all the vehicles on the road at that time.There was a sudden attempt made to increase the speed beyond suitable limits and pass the truck driving on its right side.The car was unable to overtake the truck on the side because it collided with the truck for a moment and then swinged to the left side.On the left side of that road,the vehicles were approaching from an opposite direction.This recently swinged car had no control anymore and collided with a massive truck.It was unable to steer out of that direction and left to be crushed by that truck.There is evidence from the car driver’s girlfriend that he was texting her while driving.Not only was he texting while driving,but he was encouraged to actually speed up,which he really did.The increasing speed,texting while driving and the pressure that was being build on him to hurry up to reach somewhere before getting late was a complete whole of breaking the rules and regulations.This complicated situation caused the driver to loose focus on safe driving rules and keep control of the vehicle.It is obvious that one would not steer into the opposite direction if he was going straight,unless he was on drugs or really nervous.

Writer 3

On that day, I was driving on the road, it is very slippery and everything was fine at first. Few minute later I just saw a car in front of me slipped from the left lane and the head of the car hit the truck on our right lane, then the car immediately spin sideway backward to the other side of the road, at the same time a big trailer truck approach and smashed the whole car apart. Literally, I can see pieces of the car flying; I cannot find anything that is together anymore. I stopped immediately and try to pull my phone out call the police and try to help see if I can help them with anything, but eventually I can’t do anything about it. The car was crushed into pieces! I cannot imagine that I just witnessed that thing happened right in front of me. For the facts of this situation, the car was slipped to the side and the driver tried to control the car, but he can’t do anything. He slowed down to stop the slip but eventually he hits the truck on the right. If there is not a truck on our right I think it would not be as bad as what we having right now. From my opinion it is not fully his fault on this situation because he tries to slow down the car to prevent it from hitting anyone. The causes of this event are the snow and the slippery on the road that caused this happen. The driver does not have any control over the car anymore after it slipped. So, I think he does not have anything to do with this situation.

Writer 4

I witnessed a horrendous car accident, which involved the deaths of four people. What I saw was horrific and terrible to watch happen. The black car in front me first off, switched lanes without using a directional; secondly the driver was not focused on the road ahead of them. The car was driving straight until you could tell that they lost focus and started to swerve. The driver first swerved towards the left lane but then the car veered right in an almost seventy degree angle, thus losing all control of the car. After the car got off track, it hit the rear end of a smaller truck and then did a complete circle and ended up in the left lane of ongoing traffic. Not even two seconds of being on the wrong side of the road, the car was then struck by an eighteen wheeler truck. After the black car was abruptly hit, the car was then left to pieces. After the car was left to smithereens, the smaller truck, the eighteen wheeler, and the small four door car behind the eighteen wheeler, all pulled over. There was nothing that the truck could do to prevent this horrible accident.

Writer 5

As I was driving that afternoon headed to the grocery store, I noticed this car in front of me started speeding and swerving trying to get around cars. He clearly had to be in a rush to wherever he was going that day. The roads where so cruddy it seems like him would have tried to slow down for his own good. But in result of him driving along with swerving all over the place. He first stated swerving to the left going into the other sided of traffic then back to the right lane. He ending up hitting a big U-haul type of truck in the back then swerved all the way over to the left lane. Then got hit by an 18 wheeler tracker trailer. As a result of that his car was complete ran over by the track trailer and broken into pieces. This all happened so fast as tried to go over and see if I could help but there was nothing I could do the damage was already done. Soon the first response team arrived and handled it from there.

Writer 6

While driving on the expressway going up the hill I witnessed the driver moving over towards the lane where the cars going the opposite direction was driving. After realizing he was driving towards the wrong lane he then swerved and hit the smaller truck. The smaller truck hit the driver with the tail of his truck and the driver then spun into the lane where the cars was going into the opposite direction and hit the eighteen wheeler and burst into lots of pieces. When the eighteen wheeler hit the driver there was another small truck that hit the back of the eighteen wheeler truck. After the big collision, the eighteen wheeler truck kept going and the little truck and I proceeded to pull over on the side of the road.

Writer 7

I am very sorry to the parents of the victims that were in this accident. What happened in the accident exist as an unbelievable event in my mind. Before the accident, I slowly drove up the road in the left lane through the wicked snow, ice, and slush. While driving I observed a black SUV ahead of me next to a white truck. The black SUV seemed in a rush and constantly speeding up, but carefully trying to control the truck in the weather. Meanwhile, the white truck stayed in the right lane maintaining a steady pace. A few seconds after my observations of the vehicles ahead of me, the black SUV swerved left then swerved right. When the black SUV swerved right, it entered into the right lane where the white truck remained. Then black SUV mashed off the white truck, sort of bouncing off of it. I believe the ice on the road then allowed the black SUV to swivel around facing toward me, and slid into the other lanes going the opposite direction. After the black SUV slid into the lanes of the cars going the opposite direction, it was hit by an 18 wheeler with massive impact. The massive impact caused the black SUV to instantly shatter into pieces. The massive impact was due to the 18 wheeler not being able to stop, and because of its massive size compared to the SUV. After I seen what had happened, I instantly stopped my vehicle and pulled over to see if I could help.

Writer 8

My heart goes out to you and your family. A very important lesson was learned today, never text while driving. It’s an unfortunate situation; the vehicle was demolished by the oncoming truck on the opposite direction. The weather played a role in the tragedy as well. The roads were slippery, icy and the wind was brutal. First, the vehicle increased their speed and somehow lost concentration from the road and the vehicle in front of them. Second, due to the loss of concentration the vehicle rammed the back of another one from the force of it they lost control of the wheel. The pickup truck was not harm but the other vehicle went into the oncoming traffic and got shamed. The tracker trailer ran straight through the vehicle as if it was just a piece of card board on the road. The vehicle turned over and was destroyed with shattered pieces flying all over the road. The tracker trailer proceeds with the direction they were going unharmed at all. The tracker trailer is much larger than the vehicle so I had expected the worst. The 23-25 tons trailer colliding though a tiny truck was no match.

Writer 9

A snowy winter this year as I ride down 45 mph zone and a car in front of me losses control of the wheel. I start to slow down because I don’t want to lose control as well. They gain control back but only for a split second. After that they loss more control and go in the opposite lane where cars are going the opposite direction. As the car turns into oncoming traffic I see a tractor-trailer truck coming. I know the truck wasn’t stopping because trucks are heavier and harder to slow down fast. And into pieces it goes. Every piece of the car looked separated and crushed. The truck was also damaged, it tipped on its side and went off the road. I stopped the car to see if anyone needed help, but all I seen was pieces of car and body parts. Driver of the truck was unconscious so I called the paramedics to come help. I waited until they showed up.

Writer 10

Due to enhanced weather conditions, and driver error, the lives of four people were lost. While traveling down the interstate I witnessed the vehicle in front of me traveling at a normal pace to the both front, and and rear traffic. After making a lane change and continuing at that pace, the vehicle slightly drifted towards the centerline of the road. The centerline contained built up snow due to the current weather conditions at the time. The driver of the vehicle began to loose control due to wheel slippage caused by the built up snow. Once the driver lost control, he immediately was contacted on the right hand side of the vehicle by the vehicle that stood in that lane. The driver then tried to compensate for hitting the vehicle in the right lane by attempting to correct his own vehicle into his lane. While trying to correct his actions, the driver lost control and swerved into oncoming traffic. The vehicle was struck on the passenger side by an oncoming tractor trailer. The driver was found to be texting in the moments of the accident which likely caused him to loose control of the vehicle. Without his eyes on the road he would not have noticed the vehicle start to drift towards an unplowed portion of the interstate. Once he began to loose control, the over-compensation to regain control would be the determining factor in the fatality of all passengers in the vehicle. The sole determining factor of this accident is error caused by the driver.

Writer 11

What I thought happened was the driverof the car drift into the on coming lain and swerevin to a truck and to correct the fish tail that had happened the driver then again swereved back in to on comeing trafic and got hit by the truck. I was just driving along when I saw that the car ahaead of me drift in to the oncomeing lain while looking and texting on his phone. And when he went to correct the drifting he swerved and lost control of the car and hit the truck next to him. then I saw the driver lose the control of the vechial more swerved back into on coming trafic and get hit by the on comeing truck. although this unfortunate event happened and we under stand what had and how it was caused we are all greately saddened by the result of it all.

Writer 12

On my road trip a car in front of me started to veer off into the oncoming lane and because of icy road conditions mixed with texting the car in front of me crashed but the main cause of accident was weather. During that day it was snowing and the road was somewhat clear besides the divider which was a line not a actual steal one. During when the driver of the car started texting the car veered off into the oncoming lane hitting a patch of snow loosing traction. This loss of control of the car was a reason of the accident. The speed limit was not seen to be broken but a respect for weather conditions did not occur at all. Texting takes the focus off of driving or anything that your trying to do it doesn’t prevent you from driving but it does obscure you from driving. Nature is something you can’t control and can affect any and every one; you just can’t beat the weather. A professional driver can handle texting and driving but the weather is out of any man’s hands. If the divider of the lane might have been plowed the car would of held traction therefor control of car might have been heeled. The texting was a small factor in this accident but the main factor is the weather was the major one. Texting would have been the major factor if she veered off into the lane and the crash was head on but in this accident the car loss control because of hitting snow in the divider therefor losing control. This case is an act of nature which no one can control and was not the drivers or anybody else on the roads fault.

Writer 13

I was driving on my way to work when I witnessed the tragic car accident. I seen the black truck swerve into a different lane without using signals or anything and then bump into what looked like a pickup truck.The truck then kind of bounced of the side of the pick up truck and slide to the left from the ice and bad weather outside. Unfortunately, when it slide into the left lane, another big pick up truck was coming straight and ran over the entire truck. We now have text record that shows that the victim sent a text to his wife as he was driving saying “they were “hurrying as fast as they could”. I’m sorry to inform you but if your son had not taken his eyes off the road to send that text, it probably would of never happened.Yes of course accidents happen but this one could of been prevented if he would of followed the number one rule of the road which is “Keep your eyes on the road” especially during a season like this when the roads are icy. On top of that the driver said we are “hurrying”. It is possible that he could of not been doing the speed limit as well. If there was more caution taking with the driver, I believe the whole incident could of been avoided.

Writer 14

Dear Grieving Parents,

I would like to start off my statement with my deepest condolences, a loss of a child I can imagine is like living in a treacherous nightmare. I understand that my eyewitness account is the sole key factor of this case and for that I am greatly burdened. My story may come as a great disbelief and you might hold a level of incurable resentment for my behalf and it’s understood. Your child, due to their ignorant, thoughtless, and very immature actions caused the life of not only himself but the three other passengers. I witnessed your child illegally use their phone while recklessly speeding. The SUV swerved hitting a neighboring truck, and in an attempt to maintain the driver lost complete control of the vehicle and continued horizontally in to oncoming traffic where it was obliterated by a passing “eighteen wheeler”. After the horrific event I immediately stopped my vehicle and ran to offer my assistance, the site was rather gruesome and never forgettable. The only question I can ask myself over and over again is “How stupid can you be?” It’s not like the driver didn’t know what he was doing is wrong. After further investigation from the police department told me the final text sent confirmed my statement. Your son admitted to his girlfriend in a detailed message that they were speeding because they were late. This will be my official statement to the police department, insurance company, and the judge. I just wanted to address it to you (the parents) first to prepare yourself emotionally any repercussions.

My deepest condolences,

Writer 15

In the video what in think happened is a man was driving and received a text from someone. The person he received the text from was his girlfriend. She was worried that he was not going to make it to the event in time. The man decided to reply to the text and took his eyes away from the road for two minutes. The message he wrote stated that he was on his way and will be there as soon as possible. The others that were in the car with him tried to get him to pay attention to the road but it was too late. He was telling the people inside the car that he knew what he was doing and that he has done this before. He explained that nothing happened when he did this the previous time. Taking his eyes from the road was a big mistake. When he looked back at the road he started losing control of his car, the black truck carrying four other people. He soon started to swerve uncontrollably. He then ended up on the other side of the road. Before he knew a big transportation truck came driving fast and hitting the truck killing him and the others inside. The person responsible is the person that was driving the black truck is responsible. He knew the consequences of what can happen if he answered the text. There were other people lives in his hands and he didn’t think twice about it. Instead he felt that replying to the text was more important. He wasn’t being a responsible driver. He was being selfish and he doing that ended up taking innocent people’s lives, including his own. Now, the family who the people belonged to cannot see them again because, of one little text.