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Your party’s web

For your fifth essay (after the intro and three position papers) you are going to apply your writing skills to the web, specifically, your party’s web page. I got it started. Now it’s your turn.

Beginning in late November, you will use this page to make a short presentation about your party to the class.



To develop this page or pages, you should add:

A logo or image that conveys something important about your party

It will go on the top right of the party’s page. For example, The Party for the People is concerned with the welfare of first responders. An image of one could be on the top right of the party’s page. You are welcome to use an image editing program to crop, resize, add text, or in any other way enhance the images.

A longer statement at the beginning

This might be the place to express the party’s mission, vision, or values. Avoid repeating the list of positions.

You may want to use sentences or whole paragraphs from your first essay.

An image of the party’s leading candidate(s)

Use search term like “male politician” or “female politician”. Give the person an appropriate name. This face of your party, literally, should express the party’s values to the extent possible. Is it an old white male party? Is it a young female party? Is it buttoned down, coat-and-tie? High-necked? Casual? Jangly accessories? Tight, close-cropped hair or loose, flowing hair? Glasses? What’s in the background? A flag? A tree? A blur?

A longer list of party positions

You are featuring three in your position papers. However, to broaden your appeal, you should address a wide array of issues. You do not need to develop these positions. Simple state them. Remember to include an action verb, usually as the first word in the position statement.

You can find a list of issues on the Issues page on the left-hand menu.

Even better, look at the pages of the other parties competing with yours for votes. State your position to align with theirs or to distinguish yours from theirs.

I find it interesting that none of your parties has taken a position on student tuition debt, military budgets, or the Internet of Things, for example.

Your three position papers

Make them separate web pages, one for each.

Add links to the text.

Add images, perhaps a graph or chart illustrating your position.

Another option, in addition to or instead of the above: make your word-processed essays downloadable.

Step 1 – Save them as a pdf via Word’s Save as Adobe PDF on the File drop-down menu. Or convert the .doc files to .pdf files online. See “Doc to Pdf” search results.

Step 2 – Upload the pdf as Media to WordPress.

Step 3 – Write some text on your party web (ex: Position paper favoring deportation of illegal immigrants) and make all or part of it hot, that is, linked to your position paper.


You should also include one or more videos somewhere on your pages.

Learn more

On a separate page or on a section of several pages, like your three position papers, you should have a section titled “Learn more” or something similar. At the end of an essay, this would be the Works Cited page. On your party’s page, it’s a courtesy to help voters learn more about your positions.

For best effect, don’t format it like a Works Cited. Instead, follow each entry with a sentence or two about what you want the reader to get out of the cited work.

Any other text or images that you would like the voters to know about before they vote