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Your Political Parties

LGBT People’s Party

“Equality for All”

Our goal is to protect members of the LGBT community for generations to come by ensuring equality for every citizen of the United States of America.


  • protect LGBT rights
  • foster non-violence
  • foster social justice for all members of society

American People Party

“We get shit done”

We are for America and its legal citizens. We want to put America back to the number one country in the world! We want to revamp the society of which we live in today and make it better for the American people, both physically and economically.


  • bring businesses, and jobs back to America
  • get out all illegal immigrants
  • total revamp of the welfare system in this country
  • fight to take away stricter gun laws

Bald Eagle Alliance

“Legals only”

Our party is all about safety, getting rid of the illegal immigrants, lower taxes, better care for our veterans, guns for any legal citizen that is not on the no fly list and is not a criminal, keeping our minimum wage the same, drug testing people who are on welfare and also making them show proof that they are looking for a job and finally making abortions illegal under most circumstances.


  • ? safety
  • get rid of the illegal immigrants
  • lower taxes
  • take better care of our veterans
  • allow access to guns for any legal citizen that is not on the no fly list and is not a criminal
  • keep the minimum wage the same
  • drug test people who are on welfare and also making them show proof that they are looking for a job
  • ban transgender from using the opposite sex’s bathroom
  • make abortions illegal under most circumstances.

The Community

“Power To The People”

We shall advance the liberal ideas of society, justice, humans’ rights, a free market economy, participatory democracy, and solidarity with all nations. We are a responsive, accountable and broad-based political party. That unleashes the potential within the empowered citizens of our land. All that could be done through our party’s liberal democratic ideas, cohesive membership, and principled leadership.


  • get rid of the welfare state
  • increase access to abortions and health care
  • stop the wars on drugs and guns
  • strengthen rights of crime victims

One Green Kingdom

“One kingdom; One life; One heart”

We the people, as one, will build America up.


  • foster social justice for mothers
  • lower the penalty of petty non-violent crimes
  • promote Clean Green projects for ecological sustainability
  • end all forms of animal abuse to protect our animals

American Soil Party

“If America is our home, shouldn’t everyone have a roof?”

It is ASP’s mission to tackle this ongoing problem and restore our homeland. This restoration starts in small places but ends in big results.


  • provide better veteran care
  • create jobs for veterans
  • reestablish and reform a trickle down economy system

The Democratic Republican Party

“Neutrality for America”

The Democratic Republicans, or Demopublican for short, is a “happy medium” between the already known parties, Democrat, and Republican. Our ultimate goal is to be a neutral country, and to open our minds before our mouths. Equal rights always apply, and up to date votes will be taken on what laws are passed and changed. Although we are a newly formed party, we want to be made known to society as a party that will bring change and peace.


  • equality between everyone in the work place and in society
  • judicial reviews of past laws
  • anti-discrimination laws, especially protecting the LGBT community
  • progressive tax laws (richer pay higher percentage than poorer)

People First Party

We stand for putting people before profit. Our mission is to make America great again, to create unity and empower every American through an ethical environment in which each individual feels safe and equal.

Our vision is to advocate for equal rights, an ethical conscience, and a society in which all citizens can feel safe while projecting a clean image to overseas investors and removing America’s debt.


  • provide jobs for unemployed
  • enforce stricter gun laws in order to protect people
  • transform successful unethical businesses into successful ethical businesses (ethical profits)
  • treat people equally regardless of religion, race or gender. There is absolutely no room for racism

The Don’t Bully Party

“Let’s put our foot down to bullying new year new start.”

This party is about trying to stop bullying in this young kid’s life to teach them to grow up with the mind set of not bullying, or judging people and letting people be who they are. This party is for people who want to make a difference in the world by making people better one step at a time.


  • teach kids at a young age that it is okay to be who you are in life
  • get kids out of the environment where a parent is abusing kid mental and physical

The Stoic Independence Party

“We are free, we are ecological, we are rehabilitating America”

The Stoic Independence Party is all about individual rights, ecological awareness and caution, and rehabilitating Americans. We are focusing on some of the main issues that are making people unhealthy and unhappy in order to create a better country overall. We will build an ideal community.


  • ensure almost complete freedom as long as you are not hurting someone or anything else. You may do as you please as long as nobody or anything, including yourself, is in danger.
  • create a clean and safe environment
  • legalize recreational marijuana
  • rehabilitate people in prisons, on drugs, or in poverty

The Jade Party

“Not Just a Great Color”

The Jade Party is an all American party that’s devoted to helping those in need and taking a different approach to politics. Our vision is to create a nation that the citizens can feel proud about.


  • foster social justice
  • create a safe haven for refugees and immigrants
  • create ecological sustainability
  • focus on economic justice and sustainability.

The Underdog Party

“We address the issues of the underdogs.”

We speak for our first responders that are quietly in the background covering all of our backs. We speak for the unborn child that the mother decided to kill by having an abortion because the child was unplanned or unwanted. We speak for the animals that are being tortured, maimed, dismembered, and even killed and can’t speak for themselves.


  • professionalize all volunteer firefighters
  • outlaw abortion
  • stop using animals in experimental testing

The Animal Rights Party

“Animal Lives Matter”

The Animal Rights Party is all about being an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. This party if for people who truly believe that animals should be treated with the same respects as human beings.


  • end animal testing
  • end unnecessary euthanasia
  • enforce stricter laws about abuse and neglect of animals
  • shut down all puppy mills

Say Less, Do More

“For the sake of humanity”

Our main focuses is to bring in profits while protecting the will being of our citizens and to protect our nation from many threats inside and out. There will be no tolerism of any such violence or abuse. Every one will all be treated equally no  matter your race, age, or gender. This political party was formed and is dedicated to helping mainly the underprivileged citizens that live in poverty in the united states.


  • reform the welfare system
  • reduce unemployment
  • offer the same high quality health care to everyone, rich and poor

Softly Spoken Party

Amat Victoria Curam One whisper is lost in the wind, a million whispers changes its direction”

Our goal in SSP is to give the power back to the people through not trying to blend everyone into the same lifeless blob. We can achieve this by putting aside these illusions and focusing on what is important, a better economy, equal taxation, equality amongst people.


  • reinforce the free market
  • privatize some government agencies
  • celebrate our races and genders
  • ? equal opportunity for all

The Party for the People

“We’re here to help those who help us”

This political party is a melting pot of different issues, but they are issues that we feel are the most important, due to personal experience, but mostly just because we feel strongly about them.


  • giving first responders (EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters, etc) higher wages,
  • take better care of veterans

The Blue Party

“Stand together, work together”

The Blue Party is a branch from the green party; however, we are the wiser choice. Our mission is to also allow every citizen to have to the right to make their own decisions. My party is also similar to the libertarian party but we are more involved with the government, which would be a benefit for us all.


  • fix social injustices
  • create more jobs
  • create an eco friendly environment

The Turn Around Party

“A Return to Normalcy”

We have confused power with greatness. To be great is to be above the normal and to be powerful is having the ability to direct the behaviors of others. The mission of the TAP is to serve the diverse educational, economic and cultural needs of the American people. The vision is to help everyone reach their highest potential in an atmosphere that is both challenging but supportive.


  • encourage individual freedom without government interference

free parents to raise children as they see fit
legalize abortion
legalize gay marriage

  • encourage social justice and equal opportunity
  • make the free healthcare system free for everyone